How to Share Custom Foods

This article explains how to share foods, meals, or recipes that you've spent time creating with others.

How to Share Custom Foods

You can share foods, meals, or recipes in the iOS app:

  1. Go to the Diary tab
  2. Tap “Add Food”
  3. Locate the food, meal, or recipe you want to share
  4. Tap the item (or tap the three dots to the right of the item)
  5. Tap "Share

You'll see the iOS share sheet come up from which you can choose to share the link however you want. 

When a user clicks the link, ProTracker Plus will open and they can now add the shared food, meal, or recipe to their own account.

Note: You can share content even with users that don't have ProTracker Plus installed. In this case, when they click the link you shared, they will be automatically taken to the App Store to download the app, and can continue adding the shared content after logging in.

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