How to Use Food Tags

This article explains how to use "Tags" to add additional properties to foods from online search or in your "My Foods" list.

About Food Tags

When creating or editing a food, you can assign tags to add additional properties to a custom food.

If you're following one of the Weight Watchers Points programs, use the "Tags" feature to mark foods as fruits, vegetables, or alcohol, etc. This ensures that we calculate the correct value for zero point foods or alcoholic beverages.

Add Tags to Foods from Online Search

You can add tags to foods from our online database or the barcode scanner. To do this:

  1. Find an online food (or scan a barcode)
  2. Tap the food to bring up the food detail page (or scan a barcode)
  3. Tap "Tags"
  4. Add one or more tags
  5. Tap "Add" to send to your diary

Note: You can also tap "Copy to My Foods" before tapping the "Add" button to save this food along with its new tag(s) to your "My Foods" list.

Add Tags by Editing a Custom Food

You can add tags to custom foods as you create or edit them.

  1. Find the food in your "My Foods" list you want to edit
  2. Tap the food (or tap the three dots to the right of the item)
  3. Tap "Edit Nutrients"
  4. Tap "Tags"
  5. Add one or more tags
  6. Tap "Save"

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