How to Enable Multiple Authentication Methods

If you registered an account using a particular authentication method, but would like to access your account using a different authentication method (e.g. you registered with an email address but now want to link your account to Sign In with Apple), this article will explain how to do this.

Enabling Multiple Authentication Methods

ProTracker Plus supports linking multiple authentication methods (e.g. Email, Sign In with Apple, Facebook) to an account. 

This can be useful in a few scenarios:
  • You have an existing account, but decided it would now be more convenient to link a different authentication method (e.g. you signed up with Email, but now want to use Sign In with Apple)
  • You just want to link all authentication methods so as not to think about it when signing into ProTracker Plus
You can manage linked accounts in the iOS app:
  1. Sign into your existing account (the account you want to link the authentication methods to)
  2. Go to the More tab
  3. Tap "Account"
  4. Scroll down to the "Linked Accounts" section
  5. Enable or disable any authentication method you'd like

If you originally registered using a third-party authentication method (e.g. Sign In with Apple, or Facebook), you can enable email based authentication by following the instructions here.

What should I do if the authentication method I'm trying to enable is already linked to another account?

In some cases the authentication method you're trying to enable may already be linked to another account. 

This can happen when you've created 2 different accounts due to having registered using 2 different authentication methods (e.g originally used Email, and then later used Sign In with Apple) – this typically happens if you come back to the app after having not used it for a while, or possibly when switching to a new device.

Whether this was intentional or unintentional, you can fix this by just deleting one of the accounts to free up the credentials associated with it. You can then sign back into the account you're keeping, and link the authentication method to it.

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