Should I turn on Negative Calorie Adjustments?

Enabling a negative calorie adjustment from your integration with a total daily calorie partner will give you the most accurate information about your calorie expenditure for the day. A negative calorie adjustment indicates that you are using fewer calories on a given day than our original ProTracker Plus estimate.

Disabling or enabling negative calorie adjustments

You can disable or enable negative calorie adjustments in the iOS app:

Calories Users:
  1. Go to the More tab
  2. Tap “Profile”
  3. Scroll down to the Calorie Adjustments section
  4. Toggle the "Enable Negative Adjustments" switch
Points Users:

If you're on a points program, we do not make any negative points adjustments.

When to use Negative Calorie Adjustments

We recommend  enabling negative adjustments if:

  • you expect to wear your tracking device consistently
  • you would like the most accurate calorie feedback ProTracker Plus can provide
  • your device is able to sync its data multiple times over the course of the day

We recommend  disabling negative adjustments if:

  • you do not expect to wear your device consistently
  • you do not want your calorie adjustment to go into the negative (taking away calories to eat)
  • you wish to use the device only for the motivational experience of earning additional calories
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