How to Track Net Carbs

This article covers how to set up a net carbs goal and how to track net carbs in ProTracker Plus.

Setting a Net Carbs Goal

By default, we set your net carbs goal to match your carbs goal (based on your macros), however you can change this if needed.

You can set a custom net carbs goal from the iOS app:

  1. Go to the More tab
  2. Tap "Goals"
  3. Tap "Micronutrient Goals"
  4. Tap "Net Carbs"
  5. Input a goal value
  6. When finished, tap "Save" (top right corner)

Tracking Net Carbs

Once you have a net carbs goal set up, the goal will fill in with information based on what you’ve logged. You don’t need to do anything besides log as you normally would!

You can view your net carbs intake vs. goal from the Summary tab. You'll first need to customize your nutrient summary view to include it.

Editing Net Carbs of Foods

ProTracker Plus automatically calculates the net carbs value of foods using the following formula:

Net Carbs = Total Carbs - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols - Allulose

To modify the net carbs value of a food, just edit any of the nutrient values on the right side of the above equation.

Note: To edit the nutrient values of a food item, it must be in your "My Foods" list. You can do this by either creating it there, or by copying it from an online search result.

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