How to Use Quick-Add on iOS

This article will explain how to use the Quick-Add feature to quickly log calories or points to your diary when you already know the exact value you want to track.

How to Use Quick Add

  1. Go to the Diary tab
  2. Tap “Add Food” in a meal period to bring up the food search interface
  3. Tap "+", and select "Quick Add"
  4. Enter calories or Points
  5. Optionally, also add any other information
  6. Tap "Add" to send to your diary

How to Edit Quick Added Items in your Diary

  1. Go to the Diary tab
  2. Tap a quick added food in your diary
  3. The Quick Add editor will appear
  4. Edit the calories, points, and any other fields
  5. Tap "Save"

How to Delete Quick Added Items

  1. Find the food in your diary
  2. Swipe your finger from right to left over the food
  3. Select the trash button that appears to the right of the food

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