How to Grandfather Account (for Legacy Users)

If you are a legacy user, this article will explain how to ensure you get grandfathered status.

About Grandfathered Status

If you are a legacy user, that is, a user that originally downloaded the app when it was a paid app (prior to 2017), then you are entitled to receive grandfathered status for some features (i.e. ad-free, meal builder). This simply means you get access to some premium features that would have been available in that paid app version. Newer features that have been added since the app was converted to a subscription model are not part of this grandfathered status.

How to Get Grandfathered Status

To get grandfathered status, you just need to restore your purchases. This allows us to confirm the original app version you downloaded.

  1. Go to the More tab
  2. Tap "Account"
  3. Tap "Restore Purchases"

Note: It can take 12-24 hours for the grandfathered status to reflect on your account. You can check/confirm your status by going back to the Account page where you should see that your account type is now set to "Basic (Legacy)".

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