How to Connect the Nokia Withings Scale

This article will explain how to connect the Nokia Withings scale to ProTracker Plus.

About Nokia Withings and ProTracker Plus

The Nokia/Withings Scale is a wireless body scale that allows you to track your weight through a connected wifi network. When you log your weight on the scale, it will automatically show in your ProTracker Plus app.

How to Sync the Nokia Withings Scale

First, set up the connection between the Heath Mate app and Apple Health (see this article for more details).

Next, set up ProTracker Plus to import weight data from Apple Health:

  1. Go to the More tab
  2. Tap “Apps & Integrations”
  3. Tap "Health app"
  4. Tap "Enable" under the Weight section
  5. Tap "Import Weight"
  6. Enable all requested permissions (we only request the bare minimum required for the chosen integration)

Now every time you step on your Withings scale, your weight will be automatically be logged in ProTracker Plus.

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