How to Connect to a Fitbit Account

This article will explain how to connect your Fitbit account to ProTracker Plus.

About Fitbit and ProTracker Plus

Fitbit is a company that makes fitness technology products. You can link your Fitbit account to ProTracker Plus to automatically create a daily activity adjustment in your diary based on the energy burn reported by your activity tracker.

How to Connect To a Fitbit Account

  1. Go to the More tab
  2. Tap “Apps & Integrations”
  3. Tap "Fitbit"
  4. Tap "Enable" under the Activity section
  5. Choose the type of activity you want to sync with Fitbit (see this article for more details)
  6. Log into your Fitbit account
  7. Select "Allow All" to enable all requested permissions

The integration should now be successfully enabled. You should now see an activity adjustment in your diary and is automatically synced every time you open ProTracker Plus.

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